Below are some of the frequently asked questions answered.

You can follow below video guide below to get an api key in under one minute..

The pugin supports all current WordPress versions and foreseen future updates.

We currently support Textmarketer and SendHub. We can configure sms text alerts for new bookings at a small cost if your country provider has api.

We can customise plugin to add remove almost any features. Please send an email request any we will quote you customisation. Samples of recent customisation can be seen on our customisation page here.


We will work with you to fix any issues with your website or hosting failing which we will issue a 100% no quibble refund.

The plugin should work in any country that is indexed in Google maps api. The currency settings are for all major currencies and you can request an addition in case not available.


Yes, we will give 100% no quible refund when requested within two weeks of purchase.

Sorry but we cannot offer free trials due to administration difficulties with administration and followup.


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